Fans await new Jeff Buckley bio

That’s right, this march “A Pure Drop: The Life of Jeff Buckley” by Jeff Apter will be released by Backbeat Books.

According to the product description:

“It was Bono who said that ‘Jeff Buckley was a pure drop in an ocean of noise.’ During his 30 years, Jeff Scott Buckley lived many lives: suburban loner, music school misfit, and rock and roll gypsy.

His real life was only revealed after his tragic death 10 years ago, when he was found in the Mississippi river just hours before he was due to start rehearsals for the follow-up album to Grace. In this startling new bio, Jeff Buckley’s friends, peers, enemies, lovers, collaborators, and others all speak of the Jeff Buckley they knew – or, in some cases, thought they knew.

The contents of his many personal letters are revealed for the first time. His struggle with writer’s block is explored, as are his battles with the concept of stardom, his desire for escape, and his attempts to deal with the unavoidable legacy of his equally gifted father, Tim Buckley.

Even 10 years after his death, Buckley is still influential – Radiohead and Coldplay readily confess to the debt they owe him.”

Buckley’s one and only album, Grace, is a personal favorite of mine; and I hate everything so that says something.

No but seriously, it was Grace and Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill that I listened to into the ground back in the mid to late 90s.

More info will be posted as it becomes available.