Family Guy Live In Las Vegas Soundtrack Details

Geffen Records are set to release ‘Family Guy Live In Las Vegas’, a new CD of classic and original songs plus DVD bonus content. The soundtrack will feature Peter Griffin, wife Lois, kids Meg, Chris and baby Stewie and dog Brian, as well as guest stars Jason Alexander, Patti LuPone, Haylie Duff and Adam West.

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, together with composer Walter Murphy, co-produced the CD as well as co-writing several tracks. All of the actors from the show appear on the album, including Seth MacFarlane (Peter, Brian, Stewie, Quagmire and Tom Tucker), Alex Borstein (Lois), Mila Kunis (Meg), and Seth Green (Chris). As a bonus, also included is DVD content featuring a music video of “Stewie’s Sexy Party,” plus, a behind the scenes look at the making of the album and the video, as well as a trailer for the upcoming season of “Family Guy” and MacFarlane’s new animated series “American Dad.”

The soundtrack is available from April 26. You can preview some of the songs from the soundtrack at the Family Guy Live in Las Vegas Website.

Full Track listing:

1. Fanfare & intro  
2. Theme from ‘Family Guy’  
3. Babysitting is a Bum Deal  
4. Dear Booze  
5. The ‘Q’ Man Loves Nobody  
6. All Cartoons are F**kin’ Dicks  
7. The Last Time I Saw Paris  
8. But Then I Met You  
9. T.V. Medley  
10. Puberty’s Gonna Get Me  
11. But I’m Yours  
12. Slightly Out of Tune (aka Desafinado)  
13. One Boy  
14. Quahog Holiday  
15. Bonus DVD Content 

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