Falling Glass – Book Review

Down on his luck and struggling to make a honest living, Killian is forced to return to his old career as an enforcer, collecting debts and finding people who would prefer to stay hidden.  Richard Coulter, a prominent Irish businessman and owner of a budget airline is hunting for his ex wife and their two children who have gone missing. 

Killian is offered half a million to find them.  It seems simple – or is it?    Killian soon becomes aware that he is being followed by a none too friendly hitman also on the trail of the errant ex-wife.  When the ex-wife is finally tracked down, Killian discovers that there is more at stake than access to the children. 

A lap top hides secrets that a lot of people would prefer to stay hidden. Seeking refuge among Killian’s own people, a community of Irish travelers; Killian seeks to provide answers.  A gritty fast moving story, it is an enjoyable read. 

There is plenty of murder and mayhem but detective skills are not required.  The big question is very much who will survive?  A good read, with questions left unanswered even on the very last page.