Fallen – Book Review

A story which spans life and time.  Teenager Luce has had a difficult few years, moving from school to school.  Her latest school is certainly different – within minutes of arriving her mobile phone is taken away deemed to be a ‘prohibited material’. 

None of the pupils are quite what they seem and Luce herself is totally confused about herself.  Meeting up with Daniel brings yet more questions. She knows she has never seen him before – but she cannot get rid of the feeling that she knows him well.  Soon it becomes clear that many of the pupils are ‘fallen angels’ involved in a good v evil fight. 

It is a novel of death and destruction, mystery, dark fantasy and romance as Luce explores her links with the other characters, particularly Daniel.  Characterization is good, you cannot help but sympathize with Luce as she struggles to come to terms with her identity and future.

Definitely worth reading and I look forward to seeing how the characters develop in future books.