Exhibition Of Guan Zeju Paintings

San Francisco, California: Suggesting a harmonious marriage of China’s artistic and cultural past with imagery and attitudes of the present, Guan Zeju will attend his one-artist exhibition of recent paintings from his museum exhibition in China, at Weinstein Gallery, 383 Geary Street in San Francisco. “Guan Zeju has captured the emotional and intellectual climate of our times. We should pay strict attention,” says gallery owner, Rowland Weinstein.

Guan Zeju, born in Canton in 1941, was a childhood prodigy. He was a successful socialist-realist painting images of the workers and portraits of Mao. Guan made his way to America and became a celebrated painter of the ballet, which culminated in the release of the book GUAN ZEJU, Selected Ballet Paintings, in 2000.

For the last few years Guan challenged himself to work in secret, fusing contemporary nudes, unashamed as they pose before the images of a China that has passed. Realizing the importance of this new imagery, Guan, already known for his technical brilliance, pushed his painting to a peerless level. According to Weinstein, “The nudes are a marvel of modern realism; the period paintings in the background mirror the technique of their time.” Also excited by this new direction in painting, the curator of the Guandong Museum of Art immediately arranged Guan Zeju’s first museum show in over 10 years in China after seeing the new imagery.

The show is free and open to the public who are invited to view original oil paintings by Guan Zeju. The exhibition opens on Friday, August 27, 2004, at 383 Geary Street, San Francisco.

For more information visit www.weinstein.com