Exclusive: Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service Program, photographs and words

Tito Jackson has released a copy of the special Michael Jackson Memorial Program that was given to the invited guests at the Staples Center to Monsters and Critics.

Inside the book are the heartfelt remembrances of Michael’s family, excerpted here along with scanned pages of the book.

Tito wanted to share this with Michael’s fans all over the world:

“Starting out in Gary, we were brothers who enjoyed music; we had no idea of what was to come.
My memories of us as a family? Michael running through the house – no one could catch Michael; he was always fast on his feet.  I watched as we moved from Gary to Los Angeles, from singing in clubs to filling stadiums.  My brother Michael was always pushing it to the sky, as far as it could go.  Michael put his heart and soul into his music, his family and into his work of always helping others.  My brother developed a shoe that was resistant to gravity.  What a man!  Michael gave so much to the world; people didn’t understand his pain when the world started taking it back.  He built a home that would provide a place where children who were ill and paralyzed could come find peace, enjoy the outside air and watch movies.

My brother is in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving large portions of donations to numerous charities.  He gave and he never thought twice.  I watched the light in Michael’s eyes fade as faced trials and tribulations for being misunderstood.  Michael kept going with a smile and a grace of simply keeping what he stands for and believes in.  Michael has left me and my brothers a legacy, a part of us being a part of history.  I am proud to be his big brother; I am proud to have watched his talent succeed above all!

I love him.  Michael is with me always.  We will carry the light and make the light shine again for Michael and the world.  – Tito