Ever hear of Before Flying Back to Earth? Its up for an Oscar ®

‘Before Flying Back to Earth’ is up for Best Foreign Film in the Oscar ® race, but you never heard about it and probably never will, for it has no money for marketing like many of the other films do.

You probably will never hear of Arunas Matelis or his film, ‘Before Flying Back to Earth,’ but they are in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Film of the year. Unfortunately, the chances are slim that it will win, or even get one of the final nominations, for this film has no resources to promote it.

Many of the other films in this category are backed by major studios and their publicity departments that spend heavily to help garner a nomination. This can translate into substantial rewards for them and their films at the box office. This quest for exposure reaches a peak in the remaining few weeks before the Oscar nominations are announced January 23.

‘Before Flying Back to Earth’ chronicles the hopes and resilience of children with leukemia in Lithuania. It is based on the observations of its director, Arunas Matelis’ 5-year-old daughter who has leukemia. Her struggles with leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood and afflicts thousands of children per year, in fact, parallels his to gain recognition for this film and win an Oscar against undeniably improbable odds.

“The medical community is abuzz over ‘Before Flying Back to Earth,'” says Dr. Edward Domanskis of Newport Beach, California, who provides charity services in the same children’s hospital in Lithuania where it was filmed. “This film’s nomination would do much to spotlight cancer, which is the second most common cause of death in young children,” Dr. Domanskis continued.

“I am just happy that my film is even being considered for such an honor as an Academy Award,” says Arunas Matelis. “To win a nomination would be a miracle, but for me, less important than having my young actors recover from their illnesses,” concluded the director.

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