Europeans catching up with Americans in the fatty race

Americans may have a fat nation, but their European cousins are playing catch up on double time. 

A majority of adults are obese or overweight in most European Union nations and their children are increasingly contributing to make Europe a fat continent, the EU’s top public health official said on Wednesday, reported the AP.

“The numbers are frightening,” said EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou.

All for the same reasons Americans are tipping and breaking their scales.  Crappy fast food, processed food, little to no exercise, too much TV, and more junk food all combine in a porky perfect storm of porcine people.

“Everybody has to be blamed — including the authorities, including the industry, including the consumers.”

Kids are the biggest concern, in American and Europe.  A generation of coronary patients and Type 2 adult onset diabetics is here.  “If we don’t act, today’s overweight children will be tomorrow’s heart attack victims,” he said to the AP.

The EU says that over 21 million children are overweight. “Even more worrying is that the rate of increase of that number is more than 400,000 children a year.”

Blame people’s changing tastes, but the healthy Mediterranean diet is falling by the wayside.

“Now the biggest problem of obesity is in the Southern member states who have abandoned the Mediterranean diet and go for same kind of nutrition of fast food as elsewhere,” Kyprianou said.

Kids the world over aren’t being told to go out and play anymore. “They sit in front of a television, the computer screen or play video games,” he said in the AP interview. “It is a reality of life.”

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