Europe gets festive PlayStation Store update (US misses out)

When it comes to regional pecking order, you don’t see this sort of thing happening very often:

While PlayStation 3 fans in the United States are this week forced to miss out on an official PlayStation Store content update, those longsuffering, undervalued, and mistreated gamers in Europeland are being treated to a small three-demo store update to help wash down the seasonal masses of leftover turkey… bratwurst… lasagne… etc.

It might not be much to look at, but the update’s very existence will arrive as a definite plus point for those Euro gamers who so often find themselves bemoaning the luck of their gaming cousins across the pond. So here it is, don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

* Super Stardust HD Demo with accompanying upgrade (Free)

* The Club Demo (Free)

* Snakeball Demo (Free)

Curious PlayStation 3 fans hoping to continue in the vein of ‘trying before buying’ can now do just that with the addition of these three playable demos – although downloads for The Club might take a while as the demo is around 2GB in size. Little point in complaining through, they are free after all.

The upgrade bundled along with Super Stardust HD demo introduces a force feedback rumble feature as well as the opportunity to utilise custom soundtracks. Those players with Super Stardust already installed with have their versions automatically upgraded.

The demo for Snakeball made its official appearance on the US store’s virtual shelves last week and is only now finding its way to the UK outlet (other European regions have also received it prior to this latest update).

Get ‘em while they’re hot, folks.

Need a little more? Check out this trailer for Bizarre Creations’ The Club…

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