Essay: ‘Men in the Company of Women’ author reflects on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is when the heart yearns and love forms through a vast array of emotions. A time of year that is accentuated with the sweet essence of chocolates, fine wine, and fragrance of the rose.

However, the evanescence of sweetness and delight shared in these fleeting moments of the journey reign powerfully during this celebration of expression underscoring the need to give and receive love through embrace, touch, and sharing.

Emotions of grief and longing for a lover, friend, or partner find themselves poignant as ever amidst the commercially glossed images projected as one particular path of what is suppose to take place on this special day. Some of the most beautifully written and heartfelt songs, poems, and artistic creations through various mediums have been created with new works continually brought to fruition.

The surprise of receiving a Valentine’s Day card during elementary school years from someone who thinks your cute to finding a card inside a sealed envelope from a secret admirer in the mailbox during preadolescence to experiencing a first love in a beach house by the shore as part of early adulthood and in modern times receiving an e-card has also been met with years of being alone, working, or care taking for a loved one.

These moments are also part of the celebration with time for self-reflection and observation of others. When a dying mother shares her story on Valentine’s Day of how she brought you into the world, this serves as a reminder that love conquers all.

Finding the beauty within all from those dressed to the hilt to those donned in rags embracing a river of ever flowing love and inspiration from the spirit of Saint Valentine passed through the annals of time and celebrated each year. That there are no boundaries to this limitless concept where the meeting and kiss of two pair of lips regardless of the background, circumstances, or judgmental portrayal of different factions, groups, or people continues with powerful energy. The heartwarming touch of another human hand, a gentle caress of the skin, two sentient beings hugging or even a family group hug.

How magnificent to see the emergence and evolution through different forms of art and communication modes where the interconnectedness via computer, mobile, and modern technological gadgets with fiber optics has the ability to share with great speed and accuracy. Pixelated artistic creations in abundance speaking to the hearts and minds of those open to receiving. Reach out to those you love including all sentient beings and creations of nature. Lift the spirit and nourish the heart. Enjoy the zest of being alive. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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James Berkowitz is a poet, writer, and multimedia artist whose greatest reward is connecting with other sentient beings. He loves the magnificence of nature and its many settings as well as the pulse and stimulation of city streets.

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