Eric Clapton opens up in new autobiography

In a recent review in USA Today, the reviewer describes this book as one which Clapton, “tracks his meteoric rise with Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and The Dominos and as a solo artist but also chronicles a careless love life and heavy intake of heroin, cocaine and booze.”

In it you can find all the turmoil that is all too typical for the musician’s lifestyle. Affairs, drug use, poor choices, etcetera. And the title? A mere Clapton: The Autobiography.

Publishers Weekly has said, “At times, he sounds more like landed gentry than a rock star: bragging about his collection of contemporary art, vigorously defending his hunting and fishing as leisure activities, and extolling the virtues of his quiet country living. But both the youthful excesses and the current calm state are narrated with an engaging tone that nudges Clapton’s story ahead of other rock ‘n’ roll memoirs.”

The book, published by Broadway, has a lengthy description that can be read on Amazon. If you would like to read the USA Today review, as well as some little tidbits about Clapton, visit the article for more details.


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