Emmy Rossum debut lands at No. 14 on iTunes’ top album chart

Emmy Rossum, best known for her acting roles in Phantom Of The Opera, Mystic River, and The Day After Tomorrow, had her diversity validated when her recorded musical debut, ‘Inside Out,’ landed at No.14 on iTunes’ top album chart.

‘Inside Out’ is a three song digital bundle exclusively sold on iTunes. Along with the songs each bundle comes with a free 18 minute documentary about the making of her full length album which is due out this fall.

On top of the No. 14 ranking across all genres ‘Inside Out’ was No. 3 on the iTunes Pop Charts, and is in the digital stores’ “Best of The Stores” section, where the iTunes staff picks 13 songs into an eclectic mix tape.   

Despite her being known primary as an actress, music has always played a major role in Emmy Rossum’s life. When she was seven years old, she was singing with the Metropolitan Opera, and by the time she was a teenager, she had auditioned, and won, the part of Christine in the film version of Phantom of the Opera, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination.

Rossum recorded her new music with producer Stuart Brawley, with whom she co-wrote all of the songs, and it represents a showcase for her remarkable vocal range.

“I feel a real emotional connection to these songs,” she says. “It’s a real expression of my innermost thoughts and feelings, hence the title Inside Out.”

“Slow Me Down,” the first single and included on the iTunes bundle, incorporates more than 150 different vocal parts and harmonies, every one sung by Emmy herself.

“It’s about finding a respite from all the craziness,” says the performer about the song. “I wanted to create a kind of music that would allow me to use my voice as an instrument. I tried to discover the boundary of the human voice.”

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