Eminem’s joke makes Hefner’s lover Kendra upset

Rapper and actor Eminem has apologized to one of Hugh Hefner’s posse of blonde girlfriends after they had a bit of a row over a badly interpreted prank.

Eminem had Kendra Wilkerson, the least sharp of the three “girls next door” play his love interest in a new music video for the song “Smack That Ass,” but was accused of acting “disrespectfully” when a joke went wrong.

Page Six reports that Wilkerson’s agent Jonathan Baram stated, “Eminem came out of his trailer and threw water on her and was really disrespectful.He flipped out on her. She’s a tough girl. She didn’t take it, and they went at it — not physically but verbally.

“Now that I think about it, he was probably just playing a joke. I don’t want there to be any controversy between me and Eminem.” Wilkerson says to Page Six.

Eminem is since reported to have made nice by sending flowers to Kendra at the Playboy mansion.

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