Emilio Estevez announces wedding plans at Festival

People magazine is reporting that actor and director Emilio Estevez is engaged to writer Sonja Magdevski.

Estevez is promoting his latest film Bobby at the Venice Film Festival – a film about Robert Kennedy’s assassination.

The couple had been dating for a year and a half before getting engaged over Christmas, according to People.  Regarding marriage dates: “Don’t know yet. Gotta get through this,” he said, referring to the film, which was six years in the making.

Estevez, 44, wrote, directed and co-stars in the movie along with Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins and his dad, Martin Sheen.  Sheen is currently enrolled at the University of Ireland in Galway as a student and was unavailable to be at the festival.

Magdevski, accompanying Estevez in Venice, has a bit part in the film.

“My sister was supposed to do the part but she had a conflict with The West Wing,” Estevez reports to People. “So I said to Sonja, ‘Get in wardrobe. Get in makeup!’ ”

Estevez was married to Paula Abdul for two years in the early nineties.   Previously, he dated model Carey Salley, with whom he has two grown children: Taylor, 22, and Paloma, 20. He was also engaged to Demi Moore.

Magdevski is reported by People to be a former Fulbright scholar and has written about wine, a shared passion for both her and Emilio, who makes his own label at his vineyard.

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