Ellen DeGeneres has Joe Jonas’ back

Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres wants to make sure pop star Joe Jonas – who took a spill onstage last year – is safe. <P></P> <P>On the Monday show, Ellen presents the singer with a helmet to wear onstage.</P> <P>"I hate to cover up that hair," says DeGeneres, "because it¹s good hair, but it’s more important that you stay safe."</P> <P>Accepting the gift, Jonas quipped: "I can pick up some cute chicks."</P> <P>DeGeneres rolls footage of Jonas falling on broken glass at the American Music Awards last year. Jonas, 18, cut his hand when he tripped over an exploding-glass window prop at the start of the group’s hit "SOS."</P> <P>Earlier this month, Jonas also ended up in the emergency room due to a fall after a concert in Atlantic City.</P> <P>In that accident he suffered a small cut when he tripped and hit his forehead on a grate while taping one of the group’s popular YouTube videos, according to his Hollywood Records rep Lillian Matulic.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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