Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses – Book Review

The Wars of the Roses encompassed many of the most bloody confrontations of the Medieval period such as the Battle of Tewkesbury.  What led to this massive outpouring of conflict?  Edward IV was very much the most effective general of the whole period and died, undefeated in battle. 

What were his secrets of success?  David Santiuste has undertaken a major study of this man; and reassessed his place in history.  He looks the exact role played by Edward IV and his political acumen, as well as his military skills.  Santiuste believes that Edward was a formidable military leader whose strengths and subtlety have never before been fully recognized.  It makes interesting reading, throwing new light on a period of history about which most people know very little. 

This is a book for anyone interested in the medieval period or who enjoys biographies.  It is detailed, well researched and well written. Not easy reading, it requires concentration but is a book that is definitely to be recommended.