E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition (Combo Pack) – Blu-ray Review

Everyone’s favorite Reese’s pieces loving alien is back and in high definition.  If you were one that liked the CGI tinkering of some years ago you may come away disappointed, but if you’re one who likes Spielberg’s original vision then you’ll be delighted.  So take the home phone off the hook and enjoy the high-flying adventure again.

Some short aliens land on planet earth to grab some plants, when some humans try to catch then they beat a hasty retreat.  Unfortunately, they leave one of their own behind in their haste.  Elliot (Henry Thomas) lives with his mother Mary (Dee Wallace), older brother Michael (Robert McNaughton), and young sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore). 

Their suburban existence is interrupted when the visitor from the stars follows Elliot home and even more so when a group of government agents track the alien to them.

Rekindle your sense of childlike wonder, but this time in high definition.   Your childhood never looked so good.  Steven Spielberg had certainly scored by showing the ravages of a giant shark at the beach, a Middle-American being contacted by aliens, and an archeologist going after history with a fedora and a whip. 

A comedic foray into WWII (Hollywood!) would be the only bump in that road of box office domination (although it has its fans and I’m one).  ET would be another blockbuster that had the ability to cross generations as well as outer space.  Simply put, ET is a classic and there’s really no denying that.  Some may try, but they must be heartless beasts. 

The reasons for that are the firm yet sentimental hand of Spielberg at the tiller, his talented and (at the time) largely unknown cast and the ability of puppet master Carlo RImbaldi to bring latex to life.  CGI be damned, and you’ll find no trace of the reimaging that Spielberg did several years ago (although to come to his defense a bit, he did give us both versions on those discs unlike an unnamed Flannel wearing mogul). 

I was drawn in again and filled with childlike wonder with my heart light glowing and even a few tears were shed.  ET looks fantastic on Blu-ray, you won’t regret phoning home again. 

ET is presented in a sparkling 1080p transfer (1.85:1).  Special features include the new 13 minute “Steven Spielberg & ET” interview and the 54 minute “ET Journal” which is made up of vintage on set footage but is still memorable. 

Familiar special features include a 4 minute deleted scene, the 38 minute “A Look Back” 20th anniversary making of, the 50 minute “Evolution and creation of ET,” the 10 minute “Music of ET,” 18 minutes of footage from the 20th anniversary premiere, image galleries, a 1 minute Special Olympics TV spot, and the 2 minute theatrical trailer.  You also get a DVD and digital copy. 

ET is one of Spielberg’s masterpieces in a string of masterpieces and movie magic.  It has not lost its charm after all these years.  Prepare to return to your childhood and sense of wonder and introduce it to a new generation at your home. 

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