E.B. Hubspeth’s ‘The Resurrectionist’ a masterful story and art book

“Disturbingly lovely . . . The Resurrectionist is itself a cabinet of curiosities, stitching history and mythology and sideshow into an altogether different creature. Deliciously macabre and beautifully grotesque.” —Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus

“A masterful mash-up of Edgar Allan Poe and Jorge Luis Borges, with the added allure of gorgeous, demonically detailed drawings. I’ve never seen anything quite like The Resurrectionist, and I doubt that I will ever forget it.” —Chase Novak, author of Breed

“The book is a welcome addition to any library of dark fantasy, with its beautiful portraiture and gripping description of a man’s descent into perversity.” –Publishers Weekly, “Pick of the Week”

“The vivid imagery unveiled becomes the dark fantasy response to Gray’s Anatomy…”–Filter Magazine


Imagine a tome that is part Frankenstein mashed up with the Gray’s Anatomy handbook.

A massive hit at New York Comic Con and C2E2, readers were so impressed by the cover art and premise and it has been featured in Vanity Fair, Filter, and on MTV Geek where they said: “Doctors Moreau and Frankenstein should make room for a new member of their league of extraordinarily grotesque gentlemen, for there is a new mad scientist in pop culture.”


New Quirk title “The Resurrectionist” is part art book and part novel, detailed, dark, and compelling to read. It tells the story of the fictional work of Dr. Spencer Black whose field of study could best be described as Darwin meets Frankenstein.


As the story of The Resurrectionist develops, there are detailed medical drawings of the creatures Dr. Black is describing.

The book was written and drawn by E.B. Hubspeth and presents mythical creatures is an analytical way, as we learn about the musculature of a sphinx among many creatures!


The Resurrectionist will be available through Quirk Books on May 21st. We recommend the hard cover edition.

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