Dyson’s new Hard makes us want to clean our floors, a lot

Dyson is that high-end vacuum and gadget company you see advertised with the appliances’ version of James Bond, Mr. James Dyson, who we have a well-documented obsession with.

Dyson was a born inventor, as early on in his life he created the Ball-barrow, a wheelbarrow that uses a ball in place of a wheel. This is important as this ball technology is now utilized in his eponymous vacuum line as a pivot and maneuvering feature.

Back in 1978, Dyson was vacuuming his home when he noticed the vacuum kept losing suction. After 5126 prototypes, he finally created a cyclonic method of separation to maintain the suction, and voila, the first bagless vacuum cleaning system was born. But his genius went on deaf ears at major vacuum cleaning manufacturers. None were interested. Replacement bags were big business for them, the way ink cartidges are for printer manufacturers.

He finally opened his own company with a group of core engineers in 1993, and these creative geniuses are constantly finding ways to improve upon Dyson’s designs. Now they make vacuums, fans and my top “must have” for the home, the air blade where your hands dry in 12 seconds! They are all over in public bathrooms but I want to have one installed in my kitchen. I can dream.

Well Dyson has a new model the HARD (!!) the only cordless machine that has been engineered to vacuum and wet wipe the floor at the same time.  Which beats my old t-shirt wrapped around an old mop method by a long shot.

Dyson’s latest cordless technology vacuums dirt and wipes grime – in one action and in one machine.  It’s a dual purpose machine, and a double-edge cleaner head sucks up dirt and debris – before and after the wet wipe – with each stroke, leaving the wipe to remove stains and grime.

The techie details:

The Dyson digital motor V2 allows for perfectly poised floor to ceiling cleaning. Lightweight, with a center of gravity firmly in the hand, Dyson Hard’s double edged cleaner head can be removed, adding a crevice and combination tool for up top, down below, hard-to-reach and in-between spaces. Remove the wand for clean cars and worktops.

·         Dyson digital motor: Powered by the Dyson digital motor V2, which is one third of the size of conventional motors, yet spins at 104,000rpm. This power dense motor allows the Dyson Hard™ vacuum cleaner to be compact and light with high performance.

·         Root Cyclone™ technology: Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone™ technology has been concentrated, spinning dust and dirt out of the air using centrifugal force.

·         Fade-free battery: A lithium-ion battery delivers 15 minutes of fade free performance. For stubborn dirt, there is a boost setting for 6 minutes of high intensity cleaning.

·         Materials: Dyson engineers used materials that would stand up to tough abuse in real home environments. The machine’s body is made from ABS Polycarbonate – the same material found in riot shields. Dyson engineers designed a reinforced wand, made from aluminum, to allow for extra push force in picking up grime.

·         Wipes: Dyson engineers worked with scientists to develop wipes for the machine. Two different wipes are available with DC56 – Hard floor and Wood nourishing. Each wipe is designed for different hard floor surfaces, and different tasks. The machine is also compatible with industry standard sized wipes found in most stores.

My birthday is September 23rd, James! Show mama some love! I’ll get my floors extra dirty for you…

Dyson Hard is available at retailers beginning September and will retail at $329.99, which includes a sample of Dyson wipes . 

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