Dylan McDermott Cast in The Mistress of Spices

Dylan McDermott will join Aishwarya Rai in the cast of “The Mistress of Spices” for director Paul Mayeda Berges.

“Mistress of Spices” is an adaptation of Chitra Divakaruni’s novel and the story of Tilo, a young woman born in another time, in a faraway place, who is trained in the ancient art of spices and ordained as a mistress charged with special powers.

Once fully initiated in a rite of fire, the now immortal Tilo–in the gnarled and arthritic body of an old woman–travels through time to Oakland, California, where she opens a shop from which she administers spices as curatives to her customers. An unexpected romance with a handsome stranger eventually forces her to choose between the supernatural life of an immortal and the vicissitudes of modern life. Spellbinding and hypnotizing, The Mistress of Spices is a tale of joy and sorrow and one special woman’s magical powers.

Variety reports Gurinder Chadha, who wrote “Bend It Like Beckham” with Berges, will produce the film with Deepak Nayar.

Rai can currently be seen in “Bride and Prejudice.”

You can read more about the novel in our database.

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