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DVD Review: C.S.I Season 4.2

By Andy McKeague Jul 13, 2005, 2:10 GMT

The end of the fourth season of Criminally Stupid Incorporated comes to a close on DVD this month. This slickly produced Jerry Bruckheimer series is as dumb as they come and tries to smugly baffle you with science fact. It is amazing just how popular this series is, after all it wins awards and has all the merchandising tie ins you could possibly imagine as well as two spin off series, to which I am startled beyond the point I can place into simple words.

There is not much of a point to go into plots and characters, the good guys win and the characters are given no depth whatsoever, actually the only way you can tell the difference by what season you are watching is by how much plastic surgery Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) has had done. With each season there are a few possible nip and tucks and the skin gets that shiny look; well at least someone is making use of the profits of its success !

Ok dear reader, this is the point where I say I had to do this so all of you don’t need to, I had to watch it to write this, but then again on hindsight, I could have written this after only watching the very first episode because they are all the same. Like a cross between ‘Quincy’ and ‘Playschool’ we are treated to a crime and then are amazed by how the Crime Scene Investigators gather their evidence, then we are shown their train of thoughts of how the crime may or may not have been committed and then there is always that one vital clue that they turn to the screen and grin that sums up how they caught the bad guy.

For something that tries to be so hi-tech in its approach, each crime scene they wander into wearing their civilian clothing, perhaps strapping on a pair of rubber gloves if you are lucky, and then contaminate the whole crime scene. The crawl about the carpet in their designer denims, leaving their own fibres behind, trample mud and dirt and every other sample in on their shoes, actually for what these supposed desk bound scientists do it is amazing that there is any need for a police force at all. They not only gather the evidence but they go out and find the bad guy ! Once they do that they even interrogate and break them ! Not bad for a bunch of desk jockeys !

With all of the devices and computer programmes they have they at their disposal they can take your crappy pixilated security camera picture, and from a tiny grainy snippet they can render whole heads in 3D, and if that is not enough to get your juices going then wait until you see and hear what they can do with a simple tape recording from a telephone boothe. With a few touches of buttons, a whiz and a click here and there they can take car noises away, take out that deafening sea gull that just happens to be flying past and that train going by fifty miles away and then you are left with a crystal clear voice telling them I did it, I killed him, or that type of thing. Actually this would have me so scared witless in the good old US of A that I would be too scared to even jaywalk for the threat of having these guys on my tail.

The sad thing about this is there is a really good cast behind this show. William L Peterson (Gil Grissom) has had his moments of brilliance in some of his movie outings but here he needs to be held partially responsible for what the finished product is like as he takes an executive producer credit too, but then again I guess it beats the day job. This would be an actors dream role for easy money, go in and spout some lines, you don’t have to have any character traits to worry about and you don’t need to show any emotion, and then collect your paycheck at the end of the week. Kerching !

So dear reader, the only people who are likely to be reading this are the fans of the series and what I say here will not deter you buying another season as you have all the others. For those, there are a few audio commentaries that you can drool over. If by chance that is not the case, and that you are not a fan but just an inquisitive reader, then I hope I have done my job well enough to avoid another convert being made.

There are so many great TV shows out there, like ‘Deadwood’, ‘Oz’, ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Carnivale’, so even if it is just a repeat showing please go and watch and be entertained by them instead.

'C.S.I. Season 4.2' is now available via AmazonUK in the UK, no US date yet given, and is available online at other stores in a full season box set too.
You can read more about the DVD in our database.

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