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Sugartown – DVD Review

By June L. May 13, 2013, 18:22 GMT

Sugartown – DVD Review

Life isn\'t so sweet in Sugartown. For decades, the seaside hamlet has been kept afloat by the Burr candy factory, but now the company is struggling. Jason Burr (Shaun Dooley, Red Riding) is determined to keep the factory open and his family\'s legacy alive, while his posh brother, Max (Tom Ellis, Miranda), returns with plans to change Sugartown forever. Max wants to shutter the factory in favor of a trendy ...more

Sugartown is the story of a tiny seaside town in Britain whose claim to fame and only source of income has been the Burr Candy Factory.  The candy factory is about to go under and the owner Jason Burr (Shaun Dooley) may have to sell it to his brother who wants to turn the place into a gambling casino and luxury holiday flats.

I hesitate to use the word quirky to describe things, because it seems these days to mean everything from “endearingly odd” to “bizarrely outrageous” without telling the viewer exactly what he is going to experience.  Sugartown is sweet (no pun intended) in that it tells the story of very human characters with strengths and weaknesses, and it is non-judgemental. 

When I went to find out why the series was cancelled, I was surprised to e encounter criticism of things being “too predictable” and of all things that it was “too sweet.”  Really.  The resident scientist and I watched it, enjoyed it, laughed and worried about the town, but most of all were entertained. 

There is a lot of human drama in the episodes, but not the kind that ends in horrific grisly murder or scary psychopathic resonances throughout the community.  If you are looking for high drama, the supernatural, or puzzling scenarios, this doesn’t have them. 

What it does have is people, like people you know, working through a difficult financial and business time, and trying to carry on their lives.  We were reminded a bit of an old favorite “Northern Exposure” and other small community drama comedies. 

Sugartown is presented on single disc containing all three episodes of the series.  It runs approximately 177 minutes, and also stars Tom Ellis, Miranda Raison, Philip Jackson, Sue Johnson, and Georgia King. 

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