DVD Review: Grizzly Rage

If you watch this film for five minutes and don’t wish that these actors hurry up and turn into Grizzly turds then you’re a better man than I.  

Four recent high school graduates, Wes (Tyler Hoechlin), Sean (Graham Kosakoski), Ritch (Brody Harms), and Lauren (Kate Todd), are supposed to be heading out for a good time.  They decide to head to an isolated wilderness area instead.  Once they break through the gates warning to stay away they happen to hit a grizzly cub. 

Mama grizzly is not exactly amused that these teen punks ran down her cub and spends the rest of the movie pursuing them.  Too bad she didn’t catch them at the beginning of the film and spared us the rest of the film.  

These teen characters start off by calling each other “dawg” and “G” and basically acting like stupid punks.  It didn’t take me long to pretty much hate them all, the guy especially.  The gal is pretty acceptable until she just sits back and lets these blowhard idiots think that it’s a good idea to go out to the wilderness.  It doesn’t take long before the idiots are stranded and being chased by a savage beast.

The beast in question doesn’t seem too savage the way the filmmakers decide to shoot it.  The bear roars into the camera, most likely, as its trainer told it to.  We then cut to the actor reacting to the beastie, but when they have to interact with the monster they get attacked by a guy in a bear suit and sometimes they have a lame digital blood splash go across the screen. 

I guess the filmmakers were also trying for some sort of environmental film since they have shots of toxic waste dumps, but they never really expand this angle.  Were they saying that the bear was also pissed that man was polluting her environment?  Who knows? 

The dialogue is so inane we might be glad that they didn’t exploit this plotline since it would’ve added even more to the boring proceedings.  The gal is even lame enough to state that she thinks that these bear attacks might be some sort of cosmic payback for when she backed into a car and didn’t tell anyone about it.  Ugh! 

It seems pretty obvious to me that since the actors really couldn’t do much with the bear that they added long stretches of pretty pitiful dialogue to fill in the long spots.  They probably shouldn’t have bothered since what they fill it with is so lame that you’ll wish they just would’ve have shown the bear doing that bears do in the woods.  

Grizzly Rage is presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1) and is enhanced for 16x9 televisions.  The only special features are some trailers for the other titles in the Maneater series of DVD releases.  

I can see why this grizzly is raging since the film it had to star in was so horrible.  I’m raging too as I had to sit through this tripe.  You’d be better of just taking a walk instead and not bothering with this rotten film.  It makes some of the other Maneater series look much better in the comparison.  

Grizzly Rage is now available at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for the UK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

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