Sam Worthington and Guillaume Canet talk Last Night

Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet are in over their heads in Last Night, Massy Tadjedinís look at the unvarnished truth about love.  The unraveling of four people takes place in a single night, resulting in intense, unforgiving drama in the form of a claustrophobic chamber piece.

Itís alarming how easily a seemingly solid marriage is thrown off course by a third party, and then a fourth.  The actors put in dynamic, brave performances, daring not to be liked when we put our faith in them and they betray us.  Tadjedin builds the film to an excruciating climax.

Monsters and Critics spoke with Sam Worthington and Guillaume Canet and got some pretty surprising insights into marital infidelity.

AB Ė Guillaume, I did not much care for your character.  Woody Allen said it best, ďMen are dogsĒ.  He plays the part, ruining a former loverís marriage by pursuing her.

Guillaume Canet - I see what you mean, I understand that he comes back and heís there, he comes back and brings this whole mess into her life, but she does the same thing. She came to Paris, she has an affair with him and she messed up his life.

I think it is something that is natural, which is even if youíre going to mess up his life; you canít help having the feeling and maybe have the pretension to think that you can make her happy.

That maybe she is not that happy with her husband and maybe you can make her happy. I think we see that at the end when we see him at the airport with the picture. So I donít think he is that bad.

Sam Worthingtonís character is married to Keira Knightleyís and they have settled into a quiet domesticity.  He admits this married man who allows himself to be seduced by a woman is pretty reprehensible.

Sam Worthington - My character is the least sympathetic.  I wanted to be less sympathetic than I was in the film.  Heís a complacent husband who is weak.  When the carrotís dangled in front of him, and he takes it.  Thatís how I look at it.  Yes, but he was also complacent. 

He comes home and the first thing heís does when he gets home is he starts watching sports while his wife is making herself beautiful.  He doesnít notice her until four scenes in.  To me that sums up his relationship.  He cares about his wife in the way we all care about your partner when push comes to shove, when itís a big too late. 

And the thought is put into his head, he listens to this lonely womanís story and he grabs her!  To me out of all four characters, he is the least sympathetic.  I didnít really dig any of the four of them.Ē

AB - Do you think Last Night offers a fair view of love, if there can be such a thing?

SW - Itís obviously an extreme version of what can appear in peopleís heads every day.  Weíve each been one of those four people dealing with stuff at the time, whether you like yourself or not because of that, you can be in a relationship and look at someone and wonder if theyíre boring or wonder what would happen when they go down that path. 

This is the bit where they all put their foot to the throttle.

AB Ė And there is the time limitation to heighten the drama, just one night.

SW - Yes, it condensed to give it those stakes.  If you pushed it over week, the stakes arenít as high.  Itís condensed into one night, its put under a microscope.  Itís not reality based, I donít consider it to be.  Itís like chamber piece, a piece of music, rather than a picture or snapshot of someoneís life.  Itís a piece of music.

AB - The film Closer goers over the same territory but its view of love is bitter.  Last Night is not.

SW - I didnít love that movie.  It goes down different roads, a lot more shocking than this. 

With a couple it should make your skin crawl, with a woman she touches her partners knee and goes I really hope that wasnít you when I was away last week, so itís close to the bone,  Closer is a bit more out there, situations that not everyone could relate to, itís not as accessible as this.

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