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Cameron Bright alarmed the cinematic world in 2004 when he stepped into a hot bath tub with Nicole Kidman.  The film was Birth, Bright was nine and he was playing the alleged re-incarnation of Kidmanís characters late husband.  Their relationship was emotional, deep and dripped with eroticism.  Today that kid is seventeen and a Volturi, a high ranking member of the Italian vampire brood in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

M&C- The Birth bathtub scene caused such a stir.  How did your friends and family respond to it and the role you played?

CB - Beats me.  I donít know.  They were like me, they yawned a little bit.  For a ten year old boy, itís not the greatest movie.  Now that I watch it I can totally tell the difference and saw what I did was good.  It was a creepy movie.

M&C Ė Your character Alec the Volturi only appears briefly in New Moon but weíll see more of him in Eclipse.  How did you flesh him out aside from the book and script? 

CB - Itís hard to say what I added.  All these characters are so multi-dimensional, but you can do what you want.  No one knows how to play a vampire; you can really play it however you want.  No one character in Twilight is the same, thatís what so great about it.

M&C - The Twilight storm is so over the top.  What do you think about the fans have reacted to it? 

CB - Itís amazing, the things Iíve gotten to do Ė travel to Australia, go to Twilight conventions around the world, and meet people whoíve been following me and watching my career since I was 6.  Iím 17 and I live in a town of 100,000 people and not very many people get to do that.  People ask me if Iíd turn back because of the hype but I donít regret anything Iíve done in my life.  If I canít walk down the street, there is a possibility that I would turn into Robert Pattinson, I would regret it.  But no one strong armed me into doing this and no one really cares.

M&C - What kinds of cool things have happened to you because of Twilight?

CB - Itís pretty funny.  I got to go to Rome for the Twilight Film Festival showing the trailer and couple of us showed up there.  I travel around with the movie.  My friends havenít even to Vancouver or even off the island where I live.  And Iíve been to Australia, Shanghai, and Rome.  I got to be on my favourite TV interview shows.

M&C - Whatís it like back home in Victoria, British Columbia for Cameron the Movie Star?

CB - People my age or older have known me a while.  They knew I was in movies, but people didnít care.  People who donít know me Iím not worried about.  I can walk around the town.  I started when I was six.  A lady told my mom I had a modelling face and could do commercials.  Whoís gonna say no?  I worked and once I started getting older, I got film parts and from then on, and I helped support our family.  This is my future.  I said I could do this.

M&C - So are you an arts or science guy at school?

CB - Social studies is my favourite subject, and history, especially WW11 history.  Iíve got a German Shepard named Rommel!

M&C- Itís nice that youíve worked steadily but how do you manage school and work? 

CB -The education has been the hardest part as with any teenager.  Itís the biggest worry on their minds.  Iím continuing for two more years, Iím 17 now.  Then as far a further education after school, Iím going to study to be an auto mechanic.  Think about it.  I'm 17 and I've been acting since I was 6, so eleven years.  I'm not bragging but I donít feel like I need to go to school.  Why go to school for something Iíve been doing?  In my mind I've accomplished it.  Where I learn is onset.

M&C- Did you learn a lot from Michael Sheen, the lead Volturi in New Moon?

CB Ė Oh, yeah for sure.  Michael Sheen Ė Heís crazy!  I love him to death.  Heís an amazing actor.  Heíd just get there and start talking.  Thatís my Michael Sheen, one of the greatest actors out there!

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