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An American woman searching for her birth parents learns she has inherited a house in the middle of a forest in a remote area of Russia. It is the house where she was born. Abandoned and uninhabited for 40 years, it stands in total disrepair and neglect. What she finds is more than an old house. She meets a mysterious man claiming to be her twin brother and together they find the house holds dangerous secrets to a past they don't even remember. They are forced to relive a series of horrifying events and shocking murders that occurred just after they were born, and in the place where they were supposed to die.

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Release Date (USA): 2007-07-10
Rating (USA): R
Release Date (UK): -
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: Nacho Cerdà
Producer: Alexander Metodiev
Studio: Lions Gate Films
Writer/s: Nacho Cerdà;Karim Hussain;Richard Stanley


Paraskeva Djukelova Marie's Mother
Valentin Ganev Andrei Misharin & Bearded Patriarch
Anastasia Hille Marie

DVD Features

'Making Of 'The Abandoned'' Featurette

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