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The action and excitement doesn t get any better than this: THE ADVENTURE FILMS COLLECTION, a 12-part DVD set, dramatically brings to life some of the most fascinating and courageous individuals in all of history and literature.

In these six sumptuous, feature-length A&E favorites Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor, Horatio Hornblower, Longitude, The Lost Battalion, Napoleon, and Shackleton flesh-and-blood characters use their spirit, curiosity, derring-do, and cleverness to battle seemingly insurmountable obstacles and endure until they triumph.

Such world-class actors as Aidan Quinn, Kelsey Grammer, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Kenneth Branagh, Rick Schroder, Isabella Rossellini, Ioan Gruffudd, and Gerard Depardieu give powerful performances of struggle and success amid the battlefields of the American Revolution and World War I, the high seas of the Napoleonic Wars, the frozen wastes of Antarctica, and the scientific community of the eighteenth century.

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Release Date (USA): 2008-11-18
Rating (USA): NA
Release Date (UK): -
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: Andre Grieve;Yves Simoneau;Russel Mulcahy;Charles Sturrige
Producer: -
Studio: A & E Home Video
Writer/s: -


Ioan Gruffudd
Isabella Rossellini
Gerard Depardieu
John Malkovich
Christian Clavier

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