DVD - Irish American Ninja

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All George McGoogle ever wanted was to be a ninja...

After completing his ninja training in Japan, George becomes disillusioned when he meets his long-lost brother Gertrude (an evil black-ninja), and discovers his family's dirty little secret. Unable to cope with his past, George's grip on his career as an assassin begins to slip. Trying his hand in Hollywood, he enjoys some short-lived success as star of FBI Ninja I and II, but soon the American public wanes in their appreciation for the bitter warrior and George finds himself the scrutiny of a curious documentary film crew.

Lest we fail to mention, hilarity ensues!

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DVD information

Release Date (USA): 2005-08-16
Rating (USA): NA
Release Date (UK): -
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: Bill Sebastian
Producer: -
Studio: N/A
Writer/s: -



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