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Twenty-something protagonist George is a grim reaper: her job is to take people's souls just before they die and escort them into the afterlife. George and her fellow reapers are "undead" - humans who have died but must serve time before passing on to the next world. Reapers look and live like ordinary humans - they eat, have day jobs, etc. - but their physical appearances are different from when they were living, so their friends and loved ones do not recognize them. Reapers work for Death and are given harvesting assignments.

Failure to comply can have dire consequences - innocent lives my be lost, and uncollected souls can painfully wither and die. Reaping assignments are often tricky and can be complicated by the presence of Gravelings - gremlin like creatures that cause accidental deaths and are invisible to humans. George's fellow Reapers are Roxy, a no-nonsense cop with an attitude; Mason, a harmless, horny slacker; and Daisy, a sweet-natured drama queen.

Their banter is snappy and leans towards put-downs and sexual innuendos. After an early-morning soul-reaping job, George looks in from afar on her mother, Joy, and kid sister, Reggie. She misses them both but of course cannot contact them - as far as they're concerned, she's been dead for five years.

George goes to meet her fellow reapers and collect her next assignment, but their usual meeting place has burned down, and Rube, the head reaper and their boss, is nowhere to be found.

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DVD information

Release Date (USA): 2009-03-25
Rating (USA): R
Release Date (UK): -
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: Stephen Herek
Studio: 20th Century Fox


Ellen Muth
Callum Blue
Henry Ian Cusick
Cynthia Stevenson
Sarah Wynter

DVD Features

'Back From The Dead: Resurrecting 'Dead Like Me''



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Rolf RykkenApr 3rd, 2009 - 07:39:11

Too bad Showtime didn't air this, but they cancelled the excellent series, so no surprise there.
Very good script, excellent all-around production, living up to the high standards of the series.
It is too bad that Mandy Patinkin didn't return with his character, Rube, but writers John Masius ('Pushing Daisies') and Stephen Godchaux with input, no doubt, from creator Bryan Fuller, did an
excellent and, yes, amusing, job covering the loss of Rube and the update on the main characters, especially the main one, Ellen Muth's George, who gets some fine scenes with her now-teenage sister, Reggie (Britt McKillip.) The nicest surprise -- George and Reggie's mother, played by Cynthia Stevenson, isn't as obnoxious and annoying as she was in the series. Even she matured a little, too.

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