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Allllll righty then. Let's get to it. As Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Jim Carrey instantly soared to stardom while tearing decorum to pieces. The award-winning actor plays the screwloose sleuth determined to sniff out the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. Jim Carrey returns in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls as the alligator-wrasslin,' elephant-calling, monkeyshining, loogie-launching, burning coals-crossing, disguise-mastering pet detective. Includes a bonus DVD with specially selected cartoons from the hit TV show Ace Ventura The Animated Series. 

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Release Date (USA): 2006-09-05
Rating (USA): PG-13
Release Date (UK): -
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: Tom Shadyac;Steve Oedekerk
Producer: -
Studio: Warner Home Video
Writer/s: Jack Bernstein (story), Jack Bernstein, Tom Shadyac, Jim Carrey (screenplay), Steve Oedekerk (written by)


Jim Carrey Ace Ventura
Courteney Cox Melissa Robinson
Sean Young Lt. Lois Einhorn/Ray Finkel
Tone Loc Emilio
Dan Marino Himself
Noble Willingham Riddle
Troy Evans Roger Podacter
Raynor Scheine Woodstock
Udo Kier Ron Camp
Frank Adonis Vinnie
Tiny Ron Roc
David Margulies Doctor
John Capodice Aguado
Judy Clayton Martha Mertz
Bill Zuckert Mr. Finkle
Ian McNeice Fulton Greenwall
Simon Callow Vincent Cadby
Maynard Eziashi Ouda
Bob Gunton Burton Quinn
Sophie Okonedo The Wachati Princess
Tommy Davidson The Tiny Warrior
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Hitu (as Adewale)
Danny D. Daniels Wachootoo Witch Doctor
Sam Motoana Phillips Wachootoo Chief
Damon Standifer Wachati Chief
Andrew Steel Mick Katie
Bruce Spence Gahjii
Tom Grunke Derrick McCane (as Thomas Grunke)
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad Ashram Monk

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