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Seeing AC/DC on television has always been a rare occurrence. But when they did grace the airwaves it was like a bolt of lightning--their energy and spirit transforming a typically staged video into something magical and larger-than-life.

Here, for the first time, is the definitive history of AC/DC on video. DVD 1 starts with their breakthrough performance of "Baby Please Don't Go" on Australian television, through early promo clips, their rare turn on 70s mainstay The Midnight Special and ends with the Spanish television performance taped just ten days before singer Bon Scott's death. DVD 2 traces the classic 80s and 90s videos and includes--for the first time on DVD--the home video titles "Fly On The Wall", "Who Made Who" and "Clipped".

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Release Date (USA): 2005-03-29
Rating (USA): NA
Release Date (UK): 2005-03-28
Rating (UK) : NA
Director: -
Producer: -
Studio: N/A
Writer/s: -



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Michael BON scottJun 30th, 2007 - 02:15:41

I am a very big fan of this band I love them. But...When the hall is a new album coming out ?
They signed with epic records and where the hell is the album ?
people want a new AC/DC album for goodness sake !!!

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