DVD Review: Machine Head

First off this is not about the 4 piece Rock Gods Machine Head, but it is a whacky low budget slice of Frankenstein fun from those lovely folk at Odeon on their Scream House label.

Max Kelp (Josh Walitt) is not your average kid, he’s more of the nerdy picked on at school type that does no favours for himself. Being the son of the local mortician does not help either. So with his scientific mind and the smell of death all around him, this wanna be Baron Frankenstein wants to turn the tables on creation and have a play at God.

In between bouts of school bullying and drooling over a picture of the only girl in school that has talked to him, he puts things in motion that will blow them away at the next and up and coming local science fair. Using his household pc, scanning the pages of ‘4 Stroke’ (engines that is), and stealing a dead kittie from the pet cemetery around the front, we get some open head surgery and some Herbert West pussy fighting. Lets just say the poor little thing is not too happy with its reanimated state.

But success is success ! So it is time to refine his “reverse impulse bypass manipulation” theory and move on to better and bigger things !

Borrowing a corpse from his father’s business and turning a lawnmower engine into the spark of life, Machine Head is born !  or as Max cries out those soon to be immortal words “the dead live !” Stumbling about with a roaring motor strapped and bolted to the side of his cranium, Machine Head is about to do Max a few favours in sorting out the bullying problems he has in his life before being unveiled to shock and awe at the science fair.

This is fun on a shoestring. Some of the effects show their budgetary problems and are pretty basic, the lighting is also too dark in some sections, but there is still plenty fun to be had, and with laughs too. Although this goes nowhere near the gore or perversity of Stuart Gordon’s wonderfully camp ‘Re-Animator’, the cast give there all, especially Rich Cowden as the titular character, and we have a great homage to ‘Frankenstein’ at the end to round things off.

The extras that are on the disc are the same as on the other Scream House release, the wonderfully titled ‘Monsturd’, and contain the short film ‘Cut’ as well as other Scream House trailers. ‘Cut’ is a twenty minute short by Jeff Cooper about an eager film student, Mary Wilson (Lisa Dean Ryan), who gets too close to director Alfred Carpenter (Jack Betts), whom she admires. When she is asked out to his place for an audition, she gets more than what she bargains for. Quite well shot and decent acting coming in from the leads makes this a nice little extra.

‘Machine Head’ is out to own now and available via AmazonUK, as of yet there has been no US release date given.
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