DVD Review: Good Luck Chuck (Chucked Up Unrated Edition)

Chuck: “What’s sex without love?”

Stu: “Sex!  It’s still sex!”

Charlie Logan is either cursed or blessed and it depends on your opinion of his condition.  Seems that Charlie is known as a good luck charm that when you sleep with him your next date will turn out to be your true love.  This might sound like the luckiest guy on the block but what happens when he finds true love and is concerned that his lady will find another to love? 

Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) is a successful dentist, but he has an alternate identity that is even unknown to him at the beginning of the film.  When he was a kid he was playing spin the bottle with some other kids in the basement.  He wanted the bottle to stop on the cute blond chick, but instead he got the Goth chick.  The rules of the game called for Charlie to spend seven minutes in the closet with the gal. 

Turns out that she proclaimed her love for Charlie and wanted to see his package.  The inexperienced Charlie is terrified and runs out of the closet.  The Goth gal is so upset that she places a curse on Charlie that he’ll never find true love and anyone that he loves will find their true love after loving him.  Years pass and his reputation as a good luck charm spread and he only becomes aware of it by accident. 

Soon the ladies are lining up at the door to partake of Charlie’s “gift,” much to the jealously of his plastic surgeon best pal Stu (Dan Fogler) who assist Charlie in advertising his “service.”  Into this male Valhalla steps Cam (Jessica Alba), a hottie who works down at the local aquarium in the penguin habitat.  Charlie is smitten and starts to pursue her. 

However, he knows that if he consummates their relationship that he’ll make sure that she finds her true love – and it won’t be him.  So he has to find a way to break the curse if he wants to live happily ever after.  

Good Luck Chuck takes a funny idea and in the end goes a bit too far with it.  The film starts off good enough on the comedy side of things with Cook playing the schmoe who learns that he’s got something to use to his advantage and some montages of his various sexual exploits. 

There’s even a scene where Chuck has to bed his lonely secretary so that she can find true love that really turns out to be really rather sweet even considering that he is balling an employee. 

Where the film lost me was saddling Jessica Alba with a predilection towards clumsiness that made me think that she too was going to have been cursed, however she just turned out to be a klutz.  There’s also the portion of the film where Chuck thinks that he’s going to lose Cam so he decides to win her affections – by being smothering and annoying (both to her and to the audience in my opinion) and this has the opposite effect.

It does sound strange to say that this sex comedy has its moments of sweetness, but it does but I wish that there had been more of that sweetness and less of the over-the-top comedy that comes with Chuck’s pursuit of Cam during this second half.  

Good Luck Chuck is presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and is enhanced for 16×9 televisions.  A fullscreen version is available separately.  Special features include a commentary with Dane Cook, director Mark Helfrich, producer Mike Karz, and writer Joseph Stolberg. 

Next are a collection of featurettes: the 4 minute “Polymastia” about the multiple mammary phenomenon, the 2 minute “Kama Sutra” about the various positions of the sex montage, the 2 minute “Frank the Penguin Actor” a comedy bit about a talking penguin, and the 7 minute “All About Penguins” about the animals used in the film.  The “Sex Matrix” lets you jump to the various sex scenes in the film. 

Next is a 5-minute gag reel, 3 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes, and 8 minutes of ad-libs.  Finally there are previews for other Lionsgate DVDs.  

Good Luck Chuck could’ve been a little sweeter, but they throw it aside for the goofball gag.  That’s too bad since the gags, although funny for the most part, seem to outlive their welcome and I would’ve rather have seen the film go in the other direction.  

Good Luck Chuck (Chucked Up Unrated Edition) is now available at Amazon. It is available for pre-order at AmazonUK for a March 10th release. Visit the DVD database for more information.

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