DVD Review: Birdman and The Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series

Birdman and The Galaxy Trio have come to DVD, so those who are collectors of classic cartoons, and those who enjoy the nostalgia of a retro Saturday morning series can enjoy these adventures again. 

Created by the legendary Alex Toth (Space Ghost) Birdman and The Galaxy Trio are indicative of the interest in superhero and outer space adventures in the late 1960’s.  This set is presented in the three segment form, as it was aired in 1967. 

Birdman is the favorite cartoon of many who remember watching it and loving all the elements from backgrounds to Birdman himself.  He is a superhero who gets his power from the sun, and if he is denied sunlight, he becomes weak.  Fortunately he has a trusty sidekick, his oversized eagle Avenger, who is able to assist Birdman in escaping almost certain death.  Together they bring the baddies to justice.
Sandwiched between the Birdman segments is an adventure with The Galaxy Trio, Gravity Girl, Vapor Man and Meteor Man (whose stoicism and pointed ears remind the viewer of another space traveler)…….fascinating.  The Trio work to fight evil and make the galaxy a safer place, and although it is serious business, there are moments of humor and irony that can be found only among equal partners.

Disc One: (And remember it is a Birdman episode, then a Galaxy Trio, then a Birdman.)

Side A
1. X The Eliminator/ Revolt of the Robots/ Morto the Marauder
2. The Ruthless Ringmaster/ The Battle of Aquatrons/ Birdman Versus the Mummer
3. The Quake Threat/ Galaxy Trio Versus the Moltens of Meterous/ Avenger for Ransom
4. Birdman Versus Cumulus, the Storm King/ Galaxy Trio and the Sleeping Planet/ Sepents of the Deep
5. Nitron the Human Bomb/ Galaxy Trio and the Peril of the Prison Plant/ Mentor, the mind Taker

Side B
6. The Purple Moss/ Drackmore, the Despot/ The Deadly Trio
7. The Brain Thief/ Titan, the Titanium Man/ Birdman Versus the Constrictor
8. Number One/ The Duplitrons/ The Bird Girl
9. Birdman Meets Reducto/ Computron Lives/ Vulturo Prince of Darkness
10. The Chameleon/ The Eye of Time/ The Incredible Magnatroid

Disc Two:

Side A
11. Hannibal the Hunter/ Galaxy Trio and the Cave Men of Primevia/ The Empress of Evil
12. The Wings of Fear/ The Demon Raiders/ Birdman meets Birdboy
13. The Mennace of Dr. Millenium/ The Rock Men/ BirdmanVersus Dr. Freezoids
14. The Deadly Duplicator/ Space Fugitives/ Professor Nightshade
15. Train Trek/ Space Slaves/ Birdman meets Moray of the Deep

Side B
16. Birdman and the Monster of the Mountain/ Galaxy Trio Versus Growliath/ The Return of Vulturo
17. The Revenge of Dr. Millenium/ Return to Aqueos/ The Ant Ape
18. Birdman Versus the Speed Demon/ Invasion of the Sporoids/ The Wild Weird West
19. The Pirate Plot/ Gralik of Gravitas/ Skon of Space
20. Murro the Marauder/ Plateus the Pirate Planet/ Morto Rides Again

Special Features:
“Birdman: The Forgotten Hero: The Evolution of a Character, with a Focus on Legendary Cartoonist Alex Toth’s Original Contribution.”

These are superheroes with some human touches, fun to watch and to recognize the artistic talents of Alex Toth.

Birdman and The Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series is now available at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for the UK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

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