Duchovny’s tennis coach blabs about ‘relationship’

Salacious rumors and allegations are emerging in light of the Leoni-Duchovny split, now the hired help is blabbing to the press.

“An affair? I’m not going to deny it,” says Duchovny’s hired tennis coach about their “friendship.”

Just out of sexual addiction rehab, actor David Duchovny and wife Téa Leoni have issued a statement announcing the end of their 11 years of marriage.

Now tennis coach Edit Pakay tells the Daily Mail (UK):  “An affair? I am not going to deny it,’ she says of David Duchovny

The Mail claims Duchovny’s “existential angst” is a case of the “beautiful Hungarian tennis coach” Love Game that had the “Californication” star at Break Point.

Edit told the Mail: “We have a very, very close friendship. I don’t want to be the third person in the marriage but I know it can be seen that way.  David and I are very close friends and we still play tennis together. He’s an excellent player. He likes physically strong, fit women.  He is in great shape. He is a wonderful man. He’s a very intelligent, very kind and good man.”

When the Mail asked her if she had a “full-blown sexual affair,” Edit allegedly said: “I don’t want to say anything that might hurt David. I am not going to deny it. I don’t know what our relationship means to him.”

Edit, 28, and Duchovny, 48, allegedly met at the Malibu Racquet Club.

Unnamed Mail sources say the two have real feelings for each other and that she is in love with Duchovny.

Duchovny stars in the Showtime hit series, “Californication,” where his character Hank Moody is a transplanted New York scribe struggling with writer’s block, commitment issues and sexual obsessions.

The Mail contends that Duchovny, filming a new movie with Demi Moore called “The Joneses,” declined to comment on the Edit Pakay allegations.

Téa Leoni is also dealing with allegations over a rumored Billy Bob Thornton romance – her co-star in the film “Manure.”

Edit tells the Mail she “may talk more” in the future regarding her “relationship” with Duchovny.

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