Drop Zone Terminal Velocity – Book Review

Teenager Ethan Blake is a skydiver as well as being part of a top secret covert operations unit.  Homeless teenagers are turning up battered and beaten up.  Is it organized crime or something more?  Ethan is chosen to go undercover on this dangerous mission. 

Can he survive?  Can he find out the culprits behind these beatings?  Is it more than it seems on the surface?  Teenage boys will enjoy this fast moving, action packed story. 

Ethan is a very believable character with skills that will appeal to teenagers.  The story line is well plotted and there are lots of sequences which grip the imagination, especially the skydiving scenes out of helicopters! McNabb does not over-dramatize the events, he shows how much hard work goes into covert operations. 

It is a world he knows all too well, having been a member of the SAS.