Drink This Not That: Purefizz Soda Maker by Mastrad, Save Money And Calories

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We love recommending the Purefizz Soda Maker by Mastrad after using it all weekend and making all sorts of concoctions with homemade lemonade and other beverages (even coffee and wine) that worked beautifully, including plain old carbonated water.

The new Purefizz Soda Maker by Mastrad is an easy and very green way to make carbonated beverages at home with any beverage, not adding syrup and flavors after the fact like other popular systems.

PureFizz is a sleek portable stainless steel bottle with a small port that allows you to insert a standard CO2 cartridge to carbonate any beverage. The bottle makes three beverages (3 cups of liquid) per CO2 cartridge.

There are only a total of five parts to this system; the bottle, CO2 cap, soda-making cap, storage cap, and a funnel. With enough practice you may not even need the funnel over time, but it helps in making sure you have the correct ratio inside the bottle.

Use your liquid of choice, twist on the soda making cap, CO2 cartridge placed in, twist that on and CO2 is released into the bottle. Turn it upside down about 15 times, let sit for about 3-5 minutes, release excess CO2 via the soda making cap button….this last step is important.


Highlights and notes:

  • Instantly add bubbles to water, fruit juice, wine and cocktails.
  • Make sure your liquid is very cold and you have to shake it once fizzed then leave it alone for a few minutes before opening.
  • Unlike other sparkling soda makers, you can carbonate any of your favorite liquids
  • Easy to use; fill bottle, close with stopper/charger, insert CO2 cartridge, shake and serve
  • Flavor drinks naturally; add fruit, herbs or spices–the CO2 pressure will diffuse the aromas for flavorful drinks

Basic Sparkling Water

Step 1- Fill the stainless bottle with clean fresh cold water,

Step 2- Put the lid with the port onto the bottle

Step 3- Place the CO2 cartridge into the holder and screw into the port, releasing the CO2 gas into the bottle,

Step 4-Shake the bottle 10-15 times

Step 5-Let the bottle rest for three to five minutes

Step 6- Serve immediately