Drew Barrymore wants a Baby-daddy

InStyle magazine interviews the beautiful Drew Barrymore, and reveals that another addition could be added to the famous Barrymore clan.

“I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick-tock, whether I have children or adopt, whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it.” Drew Barrymore, 31, tells InStyle.

Linked romantically with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, Drew shares her love of all things domestic. A known animal lover, she likes to sew and plans to start saving sewing kits from hotels she stays in with her boyfriend, according to her interview in InStyle.

She also discloses in the interview she isn’t stressing when it comes to her weight or neuroses that plague so many actresses and models: “You learn to love your body. You can’t look at models and feel bad about yourself. I’m not the kind of girl who can stuff her face with pasta all the time and not gain weight.”

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