Drawing and Painting Wild Animals – Book Review

Capturing the personality and movement of wild animals is hard.  It needs a lot of practice and help to become really effective at this.  Even trying to decide where to start can be difficult. 

This is an ideal book for someone seeking to learn the techniques, and is perfect for a beginner.  It starts with instructions on how to draw the basic shapes, through to creating animals in any medium.  There are six step by step projects covering animals such as tigers, wolves, and pandas. 

Lots of advice is provided on drawing and painting eyes, noses, paws, fur, hooves and horns.  Notes are given enabling artists to draw a wide range of other animals including zebras, desert foxes, coyotes, elephants.  Plenty of inspirational illustrations give ideas and examples of how to achieve a specific style. 

Definitely worth a place on any artist’s bookshelf. It is a book which will be referred to time and time again.