Dragonborn – Book Review

Sam is just half way through his apprenticeship as a wizard, when his master dies unexpectedly.  Powerful wizards arrive at the cottage and Sam cannot prove that he was an apprentice.  Running away becomes his only option, accompanied by his only friend, a young dragon called Starback. 

The wizards chase after him, intent on exiling Sam to the mines.  But nothing turns out quite as expected for either the Wizards or Sam.  An old evil is growing in strength, and Sam is the only person who can deal with it.  Magic and destiny become entwined. What will become of Sam? Can he make the right decisions?

A very solid novel, which keeps your attention throughout.  Sam is a loveable character, someone you can sympathise with and Starback is irresistible.  Both characters really live through the pages of the book.  There is plenty of action and change to keep you reading and wondering just what is going to happen next.