Dov Davidoff is a treasure amid ruins; a new comedy CD and future on film

Dov Davidoff is one of those rare comics that can straddle more than one creative discipline and do it well. 

His stand-up features a bemused and at times laconic delivery lashing out at things that just don’t add up right.  

The Jersey boy grew up a little too loose and fast in a junkyard, and reportedly lost his virginity at age twelve with a prostitute in Mexico. Davidoff is the child of a free-spirited academic mother, a source of much of his material, along with a funny father who imprinted many of Dov’s life lessons early on.  

Dov has managed to build a respectable career acting alongside his prolific stand-up touring. 

In “The Invincible,” Dov played Johnny alongside Mark Wahlberg.  His performance perfectly captured the despair and broken lives of the South Philly working class that framed the action of the film.

His new CD, “The Point Is … ” will be released on Comedy Central Records on Tuesday, April 22, is a bit of a mini auto-biography. 

The CD artwork delivers a poignant pictorial journey of Dov’s unusual beginnings, and lays bare in liner notes his feelings and regrets towards a lost love, a missed father and his unconventional mother, all of whom are the genesis for most of the “bits” Davidoff delivers with both understated and kinetic energy and hilarity.

Recorded live in October 2007 at the Comedy Works in Denver, CO, Davidoff’s new CD covers a wide variety of every day ills, oddities and musings, observed with a wary urban east-coast eye.

Navigating crazy people, who are much more up close and personal because of the limited geography, Dov also tackles the absurdity of random acts of unkindness (“My Bike Seat) and the double-standards of dress in “Big Titties”, “Glitter” and “Don’t Assume.” 

Davidoff is a Comedy Central “Tough Crowd” alum who is a regular on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and “Last Call With Carson Daly.”

He recently co-starred with Jeff Goldblum in the critically acclaimed drama “Raines” that had a top notch cast and crew, including cinematographer Oliver Bokelberg who is the DP on the feature film, “The Visitor.”

Dov will be seen in the upcoming feature film, “Across the Hall” with Mike Vogel and Brittany Murphy.

I caught up with Dov in Los Angeles and had a quick 10 questions for him.

Have you completed the pilot for CBS with Chazz Palminteri, or did the writer’s strike throw a wrench in this? 

DD: No… I ended up booking a series called “Raines” with Jeff Goldblum and doing that last year.

You were excellent in “Invincible” – How did that role come to you?

DD: I just auditioned – I’ve always been interested in dramatic work.

You joke in your material that your parents smoked pot in front of you or lamely tried to conceal it.  If and when that day comes, will you be straight edge with your kids or throw caution to the wind?

DD: I’m going to be much “straighter” with my kids , if I ever have them,  than my parents were with me.

What’s your saving grace in LA, a pub, bar or club that keeps you connected to east coast ex-pats?

DD: I’m not sure how I’ve made it this far, but you find people and places like comedy clubs.

You thank Dom Irrera in your liner notes. Who else has imprinted you?

DD: Richard Pryor

I’ve never seen a CD that contains such a loving thank you to an ex girlfriend or wife. Has Elvis left the building on this relationship?

DD: I hope not, but I’ve got some real psychological work before anything is possible.

Criminals and their situation can be pretty funny – any plans on a screenplay or series based on the Marinara-thick characters and voices from your Jersey past?

DD: I’ve got a television pitch based on a felon, but can’t say much more as the real thieves in Hollywood may lift it off the page.

As a kid, did you ever find any fascination with your dad’s junkyard, and any interesting stories or found treasures as a kid?

DD: The junkyard was beautiful… much to learn about the world in between car seats. condoms, money, drugs, letters, books and more.

If you could ask Pope a question, what would you ask him?

DD: I would ask him to explain the affinity in much of the priesthood for young boys

If you could put an ensemble together of comedians you like for a kick ass dinner party with the best food and wine, who would you invite to break bread with you, and why?

DD: I’m not sure about specific names, but the comedy cellar “comics table” around the holidays reminds me of what that scene could be.

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