Donald Trump sounds off on John Edwards and more

The mouth of Manhattan lives for the controversial sound-bite. There’s no shutting up The Donald when he is on a tear about something.

Latest subject to irk Donald Trump? John Edwards’ waning political career.

On The World According to Trump, Trump speaks out to Extra about John Edwards, celebrity infidelity, saving Ed McMahon’s home and Roseanne Barr’s online rant.

Trump says he was never a John Edwards’ supporter, declaring, “I was never a fan of John Edwards…I never met him, but I never really got him…I never saw the fascination that other people did.”  He states, “His political career is so much deader than your political career…He will not be elected…”

Edwards, Christie Brinkley’s ex, Peter Cook, and Yankees star A-Rod are just a few of the celebrities who have recently been caught allegedly cheating. When asked about high profile infidelity, Trump responds, “When you’re famous, it’s a lot easier to get caught…I have a lot of friends who play around, but they’re not famous. They’ll never get caught.”

Responding to reports that he’s offered to buy Ed McMahon’s Beverly Hills home, leasing it back to the legendary sidekick who is facing foreclosure, Trump says, “Ed McMahon is a special guy. He’s a great guy…When I read about Ed’s problem, I wanted to help him. I think I have helped him a lot.” 

Trump adds, “Other people are now jumping in…If someone else buys it that’s okay as long as Ed is taken care of.”

When asked to comment about Roseanne Barr’s recent blog rant towards Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Trump responds, “I have one problem with a Rosie. I don’t need another problem with Roseanne, so I won’t comment on it.”

Trump’s next venture is an $800 million dollar hotel in Dubai destined to change the architectural landscape of the area forever.

Trump comments, “Dubai is a special place….Nobody’s seen anything like it. It’s going to be really special…I think Dubai is interesting because it’s built on a manmade island in the ocean.” The Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai will open its doors in 2011.

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