Dolly Parton’s purpose driven life, ‘I always want to do good’

Dolly Parton is starring alongside Queen Latifah in the Gospel-driven fim, “Joyful Noise.” snagged a great interview with Dolly on the red carpet for her new movie.

Dolly says, “The film is uplifting and I want people to go away feeling better than they did when they got here, because times are hard right now. Everybody’s been feeling a little scared and a little down, and the economy has been bad and people don’t know what to think. We just seem to have lost all our morals and principles and values these days…”

“People are looking for something a little more stable; people are feeling like they need to get closer to God. So (the movie has) got a lot of heart, a lot of soul. It’s about community, it’s about pulling together and it’s about believing in something bigger and better than you.”

Her new film is a story set in a small Georgia town, as the Divinity Church Choir wins the National Joyful Noise Competition.

Parton told Fox News her spiritual life worked through her talent:

“I always ask God to work through me, and let me be a light of some kind and help in this world, so I always pray for that and I always want to do good,” she continued. “We’re all just a bunch of sinners, but we do the best we can. He works through people in His own way, and I always ask him to let me be a blessing to people.”

“I believe those scriptures and I believe that through God all things are possible. Christ strengthens me, I remember all those things and I use them. I lean on that,” Parton said. “I wake up every day and new dreams present themselves to me – new plans and new opportunities. I dream big, I work hard, and I’m sure there will be tons more things for me to do.”


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