Doggie Do’s, Number Two – The Best in New Dog Accessories

Writing reviews is great fun when you have interesting stuff that works to share with the world.  I get a lot of products sent to me for review and have found the best or the most unique to write about. 

When it comes to pet products, I sound the claxon in an effort to recruit a furry cast of characters who act as my official testers or tasters (or destroyers) as the case may be.  My assistant review pooches represent all shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments but one thing about them… they don’t BS.  If they like something or hate something, dogs will let you know and a lot of the time it involves urinating! offers top quality pet furniture for the tasteful pet owner.  And, being the “tasteful pet owner” that I am, cough, cough, cough… I had to try out the Lazy Bed.  And wow, this bed is awesome!  First off, it’s made for travelling.  You can fold it up, pack it in the over the shoulder carrier and take it with you wherever you go.  


Since I take my foster dog, Charlie, to work with me everyday until he finds a forever home ( ), it is super convenient.   The bed itself is sleek and stylish and easy to clean, I obviously loved it, but what about Charlie?  Well, when I set it up (about a 2 minute process, that took me longer because I can’t understand basic directions!) and added his own doggy quilt, Charlie jumped right in. The Lazy Bed has structured sides that could make a dog feel like he is being safely kenneled without the stress or distrust of an enclosed crate.   Charlie is now using his new bed as a depository for all treats and toys.  And when other dogs come by to visit, Charlies sits in it like the King of Siam, with all the other dogs as his plebian subjects.  While it isn’t cheap, $229.99, it is well worth the price.

I have never been one of those “pug people” you hear about, you know the ones who have pug parties and only date other pug owners and wear t-shirts with their pug faces emblazed upon them.  I don’t really understand the absolute passion for snub nosed dogs and their oddly shaped torsos.

On the other hand, being a gal with a generous “rack,” I do understand how hard it is to find cool clothes that fit comfortably. That is where I empathize with the hard to fit stags and bitches and their inability to find cute canine couture. 

Well, the days of tight fitting doggy clothes are finally over! was created so that hard to fit breeds such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs can also stock up on the same trendy clothes like their smaller breed friends get to wear!  The stylish, well fitting clothes for broad-chested Bulldogs and Pugs are made in the USA, more specifically, they are produced in NYC’s garment center!

My friends Amber and Lee offered their pug, Shoji, as a model for the Cool Blue red hoodie…  The flattering cut and vibrant color make her look tres chic and ready for a “howling’ good time…yes, I went there!


Check out for a whole wardrobe of clothes and harnesses for the full-torso dog in your life.

We all know washing your pooch is one of the last things in the world you want to do.  Its right up there with root canal and 30 page term paper on mayonnaise or, for me… watching Les Miserable again, seriously!   But now, there is a new handy-dandy product that might help you enjoy the process just a bit more. 

If you have a small dog you wash in the sink and you hate when water trickles down your arms giving you an unwanted bath too then I suggest you check out  On The Cuff is made in the USA and is the first cuff shaped, bracelet-like sponge that you wear around your wrists that stops water from running down your arms and getting you and your shirts all wet, it really is one of my pet peeves.  

The genius is in the simplicity!  This product can also be used for non-dog water functions as well, washing dishes, washing your face, turning on SpongeBob in a 50 shades of sponges type of way…   go to and pick up a pair.  At less than $10, they really are great item to have around the house.

Believe it or not, but I do have friends with big dogs.  Even though I prefer non-shedding lap dogs with minimal drooling, I can still appreciate the larger breeds and all their goofy goodness.  So, when I got a sample of the Co-Leash I had to try it out.  (Not personally mind you, that would be an entirely different kind of product review!!)

The made in the USA Co-Leash is a dog collar and pet leash in one.  Basically, it is a short-control leash that neatly wraps around the collar and attaches to the collar with a strong Velcro.  This is a great item for people who take their big pups to off leash dog parks.  It gives the dogs their freedom to run and play but also gives you piece of mind in case your have to go all “alpha” on the dog if he gets  aggressive  and you need to quickly pull him back and control the situation… and this does happen, no matter how watchful you are.  Dogs are like that, you know… cute one minute then mean and nasty if another dog wants their food or toy … then sweet and loveable again.     I also dig the glow in the dark effect  that reveals itself at night… it makes the dog look like he’s from Mars!  Starting at $19.99

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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