DMX says no deal to traffic plea

In court on Monday, Rapper DMX turned down a plea bargain in the case stemming from the performer’s June 2nd traffic stop in White Plains, New York. The case was then rescheduled to be heard on August 25th.

During the traffic stop, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was charged with speeding, making unsafe lane changes, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving without a license.
In June, DMX also recently spent a night following an arrest warrant that was issued by the judge when the rapper did a no show before the bench to face the charges. The rapper was released from jail the next day after posting $25,000 in bail.

The rapper has had several problems with the law over the past few years. In June, he was cited in Scottsdale with a misdemeanor for not having a permit to carry a concealed weapon. He was also arrested in 1999 for possession of a firearm and a 2006 arrest for a disturbance at a London Airport. The rapper also served a short time in jail for parole violations following a 2004 incident at Kennedy International Airport.

The performer is part of the Sony BMG record label, and is still scheduled to release the first of three albums for the studio in August. His past albums have included ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,’ ‘… And Then There Was X,’ and ‘The Great Depression.”

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