Discovery ID Brings Vanity Fair Confidential’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Kill’ VIDEOS

Calpernia VFC

CALPERNIA (girlfriend)

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At around two A.M. on July 5, 1999, in the beer-soaked barracks of Delta Company, an exemplary young soldier named Barry Winchell was murdered—attacked with a baseball bat while he slept—in the wake of a male malevolent gay-baiting campaign by his roommate, Justin Fisher.

Both Fisher and Calvin Glover, who was convicted of wielding the bat, had serious alcohol problems as well as past troubles with the law.

At Fort Campbell, reporter Buzz Bissinger investigated Glover’s horrifying metamorphosis from soldier to killer, Fisher’s psychological manipulation of Glover, and the Catch-22 of Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy.

TV Picks: This Monday (Mar. 2), an all-new episode of Vanity Fair Confidential – following the true story of the jealousy, homophobia and manipulation behind the murder of Private First Class Barry Winchell at Fort Campbell in Kentucky – will air at 9/8c on Discovery ID. With its timely and sensitive subject matter, this ripped from the headlines journalism pains a grisly story of lust and virulent hatred.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Kill,” the latest installment of VFC – the edge of the seat series is produced by True Entertainment and is an all new show featuring stories right from Vanity Fair magazine – follows the events surrounding the murder of Private First Class Barry Winchell in 1999.

While his parents are told he’s been kicked in the head by a steel-toed boot, his girlfriend, a pre-operative transgender Calpernia, hears on the news that he was in a brutal fight. Only two men know exactly what happened in the beer-soaked barracks that night, and one is ready to tell the awful truth.

All VFC stories are told in documentary format, featuring actual footage (no re-enactments) and interviews with eye-witnesses and the Vanity Fair writer behind the story.