Dirty Secrets, Dirty War: The Exile of Robert J. Cox

The full title of this new book is “Dirty Secrets, Dirty War: The Exile of Robert J. Cox (Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1976-1983)” by David Cox, Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, and John M. Burbage.

The AP describes the book as: “a 221-page account by CNN Web producer David Cox of his father’s life reporting on the run-up to a 1976 military coup and the chaos that ensued in the South American country.”

Booklist notes: “But this book’s true focus is Cox the father, who emerges as an emblem of journalistic courage, suffering anxiety and asthma with silent tenacity while reporting on human-rights violations (and in some cases, causing the disappeared to be freed). An important primary source for Latin American history collections, this account is also sure to inspire budding journalists.”

David Cox is the son of the 75 year old father, Robert Cox.

The AP gives a bit of background on the story, also noting that: “Cox himself was imprisoned for a day after writing editorials pressing the government to release an imprisoned journalist. Finally, in 1979, he fled Argentina after death threats to his young family.”

There is also an image of the book, which is not available on Amazon. Read the AP article here.

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