Diablo Cody proud of her naked photos

Diablo Cody is a bit nonplussed about her topless photos that have been circulating around the Internet.

According to her, it’s no big deal.  They were her old photos that she voluntarily posted. 

The pretty, Oscar winning Juno scribe has made no secret of her former career, Diablo has gone on the defensive about the fracas surrounding her strip tease sex worker days.

Writing on her MySpace blog, she notes: “Hey! Did you guys hear about the [pictures] I voluntarily posted on the Internet myself? What a tantalizing ‘scoop!’ Seriously, I thought nudity was only a scandal if the photos were leaked by some crumb-bum rat or vengeful ex.”

She adds: “They can dress me up, they can give me awards, they can coach me on the right responses, and they can sand the callouses off my giant [bleep]ing feet, but I will always be me. And I will never be ashamed.”

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