Dexter recap: “Tick. Tick. Tick. That’s the sound of your life running out.”

After a breathtaking season finale last year, fans of “Dexter” were geared up for any surprises that would ultimately be revealed in last night’s season 5 finale.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any.

Though season 5 was filled with some pretty intense moments as Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Lumen (Julia Stiles) hunted down the five men that brutally raped and murdered 12 women, no loose ends were left for viewers to marinate with during the off season.

As a whole, Dexter, season 5, was a well-rounded and well-written season that still places it in the upper echelon of current shows on television. But last year’s finale created such a sense of shock that kept me wondering how things would play out this season. It seems as if Dexter’s internal conflict regarding Rita’s (Julie Benz) death was abandoned after the first couple of episodes and a new storyline was the focus from there on out.

Season 5 posed many conflicts, such as Cody and Astor’s anger towards Dexter, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Liddy (Peter Weller) getting close to the truth about Dexter’s Dark Passenger, Debra walking in on Jordan Chase’s (Jonny Lee Miller) murder and the list goes on from there. By the final episode, every conflict was resolved and the audience was fulfilled which makes the time between seasons rather boring.

As a fan of both the show and the novels, the books did a great job of keeping the story twisted. For instance, Debra found out about Dexter’s secret life as a serial killer and it created an interesting character tension throughout the series. This is something that I’m sure is inevitable in the Showtime series since “Dexter” has already been signed on for another season but what bothered me is that season 5 could completely be omitted from the series and it wouldn’t have any effect on the storyline.

It is safe to say that season 4 really raised the bar for “Dexter” and unfortunately they didn’t meet that standard this season. The main characters didn’t incur any major changes that would stick with them next season which really prevented season 5 from achieving greatness.

For those who loved “Lost”, it was the time between seasons, or even episodes, that allowed the audience to dwell on what had happened and what would happen in the future.

I felt season 4 of “Dexter” fired on all cylinders and that they had really found a niche of not having every season placed in a nice little package.

Season 5 was written as though they weren’t expecting to do another and now all we can do is be patient while seeing what awaits us in season 6.

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