Designer Tom Ford’s Naked Gay Photo Shoot

Perez Hilton notes that Out, a gay magazine, first had designer Marc Jacobs pose shirtless showing off his yoga-toned body.

Now, the November issue of Out magazine has designer Tom Ford naked and showing off his rump in what Perez describes as a “hot shower scene.”

Tom Ford’s quote from the interview about the shower image:

“I complimented their c*cks in the shower,” […] “I told one guy, ‘Your c*ck is really good; mine is usually bigger than this,’ and he said, ‘Oh, it’s just the water—go stand under the shower.’” […] “If you behave that way and you respect people, I think they get it,” […] “They sense from me that I’m not going to give one of them a bl** job.” […] “I just don’t do that.”


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